All These For The Price :)

What we got for P130 - hot cafe mocha, cold cafe mocha and a cheap Fridate for me and hubby while the bub was at the toys shop. Bo's buy 1 take 1 promo using any BPI credit card is a good deal I look forward to. This is not a sponsored post, btw. Just sharing...


  1. I also love 2 for 1 promotions! :) Laki ng nasasave.

    1. true! great bonding time at half the price :)

  2. Best price nga talaga sis, like 50% off. :-)

  3. OO nga mura nga sya! I missed coffee na talaga.. :)

  4. hello aileen, janzcrystalz and marie, this is what i call "tipid plan success" without having to delay gratification. :)


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