What Are Little Boys Made Of?

"...a heap of giggles and wiggles and love..."

A wee bit of dirt and a devilish grin
Curious eyes and spaghetti sauce on chin

A dollop of mud behind his right ear
And a handful of worms in his pocket I fear

You see his knees through the holes in his jeans
He likes ice cream but won't eat his beans

He's made of mudpies and bubblegum kisses
And wonders at Christmas and birthday wishes

And a heap of giggles and wiggles and love
These are the things little boys are made of

(from Pinterest)

We're all excited to have you back this weekend!   


  1. Wow, your boys are all grown up na. I love the first photos, they are so cute. Hay I know in time my son will be grown up like yours. Time flies so fast.

  2. I love the poem! Perfect descriptions of little boys tlaga, it reminds me of my nephew, super kulit at super cute I wanna squeeze him until his eyes pop! joke!

  3. The poem is so cute! Little boys can be so hard to handle, but they sure can bring great joy.

  4. I agree with Maye, your boys are all binata na. I have 2 girls and hopefully in the right time, we'll be blessed with a baby boy.


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