Weekend Is Over - Send Off Dinner For The College Boys


  1. your two older sons look like twins.;)

  2. Happy family! You have handsome sons and the one in black looks so you.

  3. i agree with Kristine, you have handsome sons! too bad my older than them. whahahaha kidding! XD

  4. I love this photo collage! You have a good-looking family sis. I wonder how it feels to have kids away for college. LOL

  5. you have 2 son this big??? you look so young. :-)

  6. rose: in some pics, yes they do look very similar :)

    kristiine and aby: hihi. hank you! :)

    meikah: thank you! having kids in college makes our lives a little bit more interesting. there is a wide range of emotions, the most noticeable of all is the feeling of anticipation. i eagerly await the next time we are complete again.

    tondo girl: aww... so kind of you! thank you!


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