Three Hour Lunch With High School Batchmates

This is one of those times that a three-hour lunch is not enough.  There is always something to talk about when high school friends get together.  Our table was probably one of the loudest in the resto as we shared a good laugh while reminiscing about the past and finding humor with the present.  We were like high school girls again.  

As a backgrounder, we all graduated from DLS-Zobel (Alabang) in 1985.  Only one of us is a Cebuana.  Three of us are based in Cebu.  All of us are married to Cebuanos.

What are the odds? :)


  1. i agree, 3 hours is such a short time for chikahan, that's really bitin haha...

  2. Nothing more fun but being with your friends, I know 3 hours isn't enough to talk and laugh. The odds is like 1:2, seems like you planned it to happen.:)

  3. Get together with friends are always fun and we would want it to be endless. :D

  4. Masaya talaga when meeting up with h.s. friends. That's the time in our life where we have the most fun memories.

  5. Ang galing! I know what you mean about the time. When I see my college friends, kulang lagi sa oras. hehe

  6. High school is the best year. Funny memories. I'm still in college and I really adore my high school life. Too bad I didn't make the most out of it.


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