Summer of '94

This is our eldest boy back when he was barely 2 years old.  

When I look at this pic, I could vividly imagine his momentary hesitation to go to the water.  We gently prod him to try.  I could remember clearly the eventual giggles, the happy sounds he makes as he warms up to the ripples.  He looks like he is more at ease to see me and his Pa in the pool with him even if he is snuggly secured on his boat.  

It feels good to look back at the times when our kids were wee in size and were innocently attached to us.  They constantly look in our direction for our assurance or approval.  And they squeal in delight when the prank or trick is met with "oohs and ahhs" or a cheer or a kiss.

On the other hand, it feels good to know that this boy is now an adult with a mind of his own and hopefully ready to take on whatever the world has to offer.  What an awesome blessing for us to have come a long way and that the boy in this pic is now almost at the same age we were, when this pic was taken. 

- A Throwback Thursday Post


  1. Also it's great to look back and see that we didn't aged too much. Look at you, nothing has changed.

    1. awww... thank you ella(r)! what a generous compliment! :)

  2. You look so dalaga! Not to say that you look older now, because you really don't. So pretty :)


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