Sorting Through My Grader's Stuff

That was only right after I finished off a big bag of chips.  



  1. Their so lucky to have a Mom like you, It would to have an organize stuff before heading to school..:) I love organizing too..:)

  2. You remind me of my mother. Ganyan din cya when I was in Elementary. :)

    1. hehe... my own mom was working full time and was not hands-on. i guess it's different nowadays. parents are encouraged to get more involved with the kids' schoolwork as much as possible.

  3. whenever you post pics with your home as background, i can't help but appreciate how pretty and beautiful and how cozy your home is. ang ganda! :-) and yeah, i saw the chips right there, hihi! :-)

  4. thank you van! haha you saw the evidence. :)


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