No Soda Here

Jake had a large cup of fresh orange-mango shake (no sugar) while hubby and I had fresh buko juice which I partnered with Cebuano bibingka. It's a relief to know that this is one of the many schools here that mandate their cafeteria operators to refrain from selling sodas.

I hope next to be taken off the shelves are the sweetened artificially-flavored teas. Our already hyperactive kids do not need these drinks, with excessive sugar and questionable ingredients (that are hard to say and even harder to spell!), in their system.

On another note, it's not just the act of getting Jake from school, I also look forward to sharing fresh healthy food during snack time with the bub, while he still "allows" me to do so. :)


  1. sodas are harmful for our health, XD

  2. Where is that place? What a nice happy picture you have.

  3. Orange- mango shake sound so good right now. I won't let my kids drink sodas it is not good for them.:)

  4. great to hear this
    love the cheerful beam in your faces

  5. aby: i definitely agree :)

    glenda: this was in my son's school cafeteria (ateneo de cebu). thank you!

    melgie: i'm glad there's a healthy variety for the kids to choose from :)

    reese: thank you! happy to drink healthy. hehe

  6. I've read a few years ago about this school in the US where they have students who are hyperactive and always showing aggression or agitation. What the admin did was just to change the food served in the cafeteria, taking out all the junk foods and serving real food. That alone dramatically changed the students' behavior.

  7. That's great! My alma mater, Assumption Davao, always had a no-junk food policy. I think this began way back in the mid-80s pa (if I remember correctly). We were always served warm meat bread, arroz caldo, and fresh juice back then. :-)

  8. In my son's grade school here in Baguio, the only liquid allowed is water and milk. I also have his lunches catered by the school. they prepare healthy balanced lunches as opposed to the kind of baon which I can come up with which is usually hotdog (bad ) and nuggets (bad).

  9. wow! wish the school were the little go will also sale healthy foods and drinks..

  10. That's great. Our school also refrain in selling sodas but what I dislike are those artificially-flavored teas. Now, our faculty is also working to have a campaign with no-plastic and try to implement it first even at least once a week.

  11. wow, that policy should be imposed in all schools if possible, hihi! i myself is not fond of soda and i have no plans to let my baby drink it too.


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