Here Only For The Chicken Wings (?)

This was taken 7 years ago while hubby and I were on a business trip in the USA. My brother was also there so he took us around the sights in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, etc. We even went on 2 weekend trips to Las Vegas, New York, New Jersey and Toronto. Haha.

Whenever we get the chance to travel, it is usually packed. And we try to squeeze in as many places as we could. The very first time was in 2003 (the kids were old enough to be left behind) when hubby and I visited my brother and wife M in Switzerland. We swung by Italy and France too, all in about 18 days. It's always so much fun traveling with these two.

The next time we traveled together in the USA was in 2010 and recently in May 2013. I hope it doesn't take long for the next one.

-A Flashback Friday post-


  1. I love chicken wings! Wow! You are really a "traveler" Ms. Linnor...and it's such an inspiration for a young mom like me. =)

    1. hi kristine! most of the trips we took were paid for by the company or were free miles. sometimes we take advantage of promo fares too. :)

  2. It's really nice to be able to travel and see beautiful places around the world. It's a privilege that not everybody can get. You're such a lucky lady! Love those chicken wings but maybe 2 pcs is enough for me. Hahaha

    1. being able to travel is a blessing, it's twice the blessing when it's almost for free. hehe.


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