The 2d Bag And The Copycat

Because I am no trendsetter, I draw inspiration from others. :)


Yesterday, the 2d cartoon bag arrived from the mail. And Jake has gotten first dibs on it. The thin bag can fit the ipad mini, iphone and power bank with a little bit of extra space to spare. Not too shabby for something bought at a fraction of the full price.


  1. Let me see...the one on the left must be the copycat :-)

    1. aww... haha! love your comment. thanks!

  2. i was wondering what would actually fit on those bags, good that you shared it with us. Hehe. May mailalagay naman pala :)

    1. hi vera, the bottom part has a zipper that you could unzip to expand the space. you could fit a small wallet pa and a small make-up pouch. basta nothing too bulky, kaya lang nya. :D


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