Studied Civics and Culture Here

After lunch with my in-laws, hubby, son and I went to the mall for our weekly grocery trip. Because we were a couple of hours ahead of schedule, we made use of the waiting time at the coffee shop by reading back the past week's lesson on social studies. This was for Jake to be ready for the week's review. After all, he spent the entire afternoon yesterday on a birthday playtime. We're just balancing things out. 

And then Jake spent the rest of the time checking out toys at Rustans nearby, his way of spending the remainder of his weekend break.


  1. it's nice that your son learns to balance things out in an early age! keep it up! :)

    1. not really by choice because he would rather play than study. haha. we are trying to guide him until he develops his own study habits

  2. Hey, this is a great idea. Sometimes, a change of venue makes it more conducive for kids to study. I'll try this with my little girl. ;)

  3. He is a good son no? With all the distractions in the mall, it is amazing that he was able to concentrate with studying. Sabi ko pa, parang sa ayala cebu ito ah. Then, I read the info on sidebar. Hey, you're from Cebu!

    1. surprisingly, this part of the mall (at that time) wasn't too distracting. there were older kids reading books there as well. and buti na lang, we only did q&a so not much reading on his part.

      are you also from cebu? :)


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