Saturday Morning Coffee With Besties

She is my good friend and real estate broker. This morning, she went the extra mile (not common to other brokers) to accompany us during the turnover of a modest condo unit which she helped us acquire. Finally, after years, the unit is ready for occupancy. Though we need to spend for a few things, we are excited to furnish it and have it rented out.

I'm happy to share this piece of good news and highlight of our day. :)


  1. Coffee with friends...I love that.

  2. Hi Sis, I once thought of investing in a condo unit to rent out. What range ba yung rental fees monthly now a days? Just curious. :)

    1. hi krizza! the rate here in cebu city would be about 20-25k for a 1-2 bedroom condo unit and as high as 25-30k if furnished. :)


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