Jake: "Oh... No... A Mirror!"

I kinda light up when I see a full length mirror just about anywhere... Seeing it has the same effect on me as one would have when a huge discount or a "sale" sign is spotted. Haha. To me, it means a chance for a "mirror shot", "vanity shot", "selfie" or "ootd (outfit of the day), etc.

Earlier this afternoon, while we were at True Value, I saw the mirror display. I literally dragged my son to it, much to his dismay, I guess.

Jake: "Oohh... no.... a mirror..."
Me: "Ready?"



  1. I wish my son would allow me to take us a photo like this, he is camera shy eh!

    1. my son is quite reluctant too. perhaps it's a boy thing not to be willing to pose for the camera. :)

  2. Hah, at least you got some good pictures! My daughter just scowls when I try to take pics with her.

    1. aha! wait till she gets her own fb or instagram acct. hehe


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