This year for the first time, Jake is taking the carpool by himself.  Last year, he had his Di-hia Kyle with him who helped him with his ginormous school bag.  I wonder how he would feel now that his Di-hia Kyle has joined A-hia Matt in Manila for college.  

Tomorrow is a holiday to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day and today my grade 3 son, Jake, brought a homemade flaglet for a school activity.

How fitting it is that the holiday has an added meaning for me this year.  Our elder sons have grown wings.  And Jake, our 9 year old, kissed my cheek, walked out the door and rode the carpool all by himself.

All is good from here on.


  1. Kids..they grow fast. Happy Independence day!

    1. yes glenda... i'm always amazed. happy independence day!!

  2. same to you dominique and janzcrystal! :) enjoy the break!

  3. Wow! That's great! He's already independent at a very young age.

    1. i think my worry was unfounded. i should give him more credit for being brave and confident. hehe...


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