Hard To Do In Jeans

Okay, what was I thinking? I told hubby to help me and take pics because apparently, doing a headstand is harder when in skinny jeans, with a belt and without the yoga mat.  

Don't try it at home. :)


  1. In skinny jeans or not, I can't even do a headstand. Bravo to you.

  2. Wow! That looks extremely difficult, yet you still managed to smile.

  3. Nice! I could not ever do that :D

  4. i want to try yoga.. but i dont have a workout buddy.. hehehe good job on your headstand.. :)

  5. hi chin chin! that's what i thought the first time i was told to do it. :)

    hi lady anne! haha! i felt i had to, for the pic.

    hi mylene! it's worth a try though. hehe

    hi aby! it's only the first session that's intimidating without a yoga buddy. soon you just crave the sessions with or without a buddy.


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