Carpool Is Here

Last week, Jake brought to our attention that he almost got to class late. Apparently, one of the riders usually kept the carpool waiting. Hubby casually talked to the operator about it and the latter replied he would address the concern immediately. So this week, we actually noticed the carpool arriving on time. I hope it stays like that...


  1. The concern was taking care immediately, So, everything is taking care off from now on.. happy!

  2. dapat may allotted time like 5 mins - pag hindi parin lumalabas ng house, iniiwan na! para hnd magsuffer ang mga early risers!tsk tsk

  3. I remember we used to wait for someone too back then. He will just start to prepare once our service is there. Such a bad habit.

  4. thank you for your comments! same as my thoughts too. we'll completely solve the problem if we just bring our son to school ourselves starting this monday. naulit yung late habit ng ibang riders (or ng driver) so no more carpool na muna until we find a more efficient one.


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