Before We Became 5

A Throwback Thursday post showing our growing family 10 years ago when I was still pregnant with our youngest boy.  This was also a time when our elder boys were aged 10 and 7 and when they looked so innocent and carefree.  

Back in those days, they carried stuffed toys, little cars or Lego figures around.  They held our hands or tugged at our clothes to keep pace when their Pa or I walked a bit too fast.  They openly hugged us and slobbered us with wet kisses to express their affection... 

They're big boys now, living away from home and making do with their meager allowance as they try to make a mark in their chosen courses. Gone are the days they used to tag along with me or their Pa. Instead, we are the ones trying our darnedest to keep pace with their young adult affairs. Uhm-hmm...  

Time flies, I sometimes wish they remained child-like.   


  1. Whao.. love looking at old pictures..

  2. Aw, they look just like your youngest now. And you don't look pregnant in the photo ha :) You have not aged since then!

  3. They are teens already! I can't help but compare your family photo on this throwback with the photos at the right side bar. :) Time really flies so fast.

  4. this is what i love about throwback thursdays. we get to reminisce about the moments in photos that we have stored. oh, and you're from cebu too! *waves* it's very rare that i meet a blogger from the same city. almost all of them are manila-based. :)

    1. hi rose! i am originally from manila but have moved to cebu when i got marriec in 1992. cebu is my home now :)

    2. Cool! For all we know, we may have seen each other in Ayala or SM already.:) I think I'll be frequenting your blog from now on. Always nice to interact with fellow Cebuano bloggers.

  5. Time really flies so fast...Just like yours, our little Matt will grew up soon and unnoticed.

  6. Kaiyak naman. But teaching them independence is way better than keeping them tugged in your clothes.

  7. true! i think they're coping well so far :)


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