We'll Be Complete Soon!

Eldest son, Matt, who is in 3rd year college in Manila will be home in Cebu for the Holy Week.

It's been almost 2 months since his last visit. I could hardly wait. :)

I wonder how I would hold up when son#2, Kyle, goes to university and joins Matt in Manila this May.



  1. Nice to know you guys can get together as a whole this coming Holy Week :). One big happy family eh?

  2. It's really nice to be reunited with every member of the family. Hope you'll have a good time together.
    Nice photo of your family. :)

  3. thanks ron and krizza! :)

  4. Nice to hear you'll be together this Holy Week. And also I love the shirts! :)

  5. Sis, they are all boys? Such a beautiful family!

  6. janzcrystal:
    thanks! we couldn't think of a theme. hehe..

    thanks! yes, they're my escorts. lol


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