Mar 4, 2013

Waiting for Ashtanga Class to Start


  1. I'm not very familiar with astanga. What are its benefits?

  2. marie angeli:
    the web says the following are the benefits of ashtanga yoga: Physical & Mental Yoga Health Benefits

    * Reduces the impact of stress

    * Increases coping skills

    * Increases vitality and overall ABUNDANCE

    * Improves the health of your joints

    * Improves strength and flexibility

    * Improves immune system function

    * Can reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases

    * Strengthens the cardiovascular system

    * Improves digestion, metabolism, hormone production

    * Alleviates depression and anxiety

    * Increases feelings of health and wellbeing

    * Promotes weight loss and weight regulation

    * Improves athletic performance in all endeavors

    * Greater sense of clarity and concentration

  3. Does it make big toes a little bit longer? I will try it here in Canada...

    1. junnie, i guess it does. haha! try yoga and see if your shoe size moves up.


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