Trying To Be Cool About It

The medical lab test results (first batch) are out and it's a mix of good and not so good news. I guess it comes with age. At 45, I am not surprised why there are aches and pains here and there. I'm not talking about arthritis or other more debilitating conditions that would require maintenance medication. Those tests are yet to be done for 2013. And I haven't been put under prescription drugs yet, thankyouverymuch. It's the other kind of condition reserved for mid-lifers. LOL.

According to my lady doctor, I am about to cross to the next level. This phase before getting "there" could take months or years, nobody knows for sure except that there is no stopping it. That should explain the mood swings (now there's my excuse!), occasional hot flashes (sometimes even after a cool shower) and night sweating (even with the A/C on). So, those in the know are probably familiar with what I am talking about... Peri-whatchamacallit is.

Now lunch, coffee or dinner talks with my girlfriends would not be just about our hubbies, the highs and lows of raising a family, our kids' prom, graduation, their first job or their shopping for black tuxes and blue bridesmaid dresses (dear me! no!), Lipitor or botox. In my next conversation with friends, I have something new to tell them. Yeah, we talk about anything and everything. So I would probably get the ball rolling and say "Hey, I'm teetering toward that phase na. Haha! See you there soon?"

Okay, that's just me trying to be cool about it... despite the mood swings... :D

Hello Mid-Life! Feb 2013, photo credit: my hubby, the reluctant paparazzi :P


  1. There are certainly a lot of changes when we age. Hope that you be able to cope with the changes well.

  2. I remembered my mother eating taho regularly. My brother, a doctor advised her to and I guess she was lucky because she did not experience the signs of "the" next phase. What was your physician's advise to alleviate you from the discomfort?

  3. 10 years more and I'll be experiencing the same phase, I hope to be able to cope up when the time comes. :)

  4. I hope that's the only thing that hits me along the way. I am already a diabetic so I hope to not get anythng worse.

  5. stay in control, dont let move swings control your life :)

  6. dominique: true... i guess i didn't think it would be this soon. hehe.. thanks!

    farida: there was no specific advice given but since i like taho, i might try that. :D

    janzcrystalz and mys: it pays to have yearly consultation with the doctor :) they'd know well ahead of time if you're near that stage ;)

    aby: i hear you. hehe... i will keep the moods in check. :)


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