St. Francis of Assisi, Naga

"Naga was originally a visita of San Nicolas. It was erected as an independent parish on June 12, 1829 under the advocation of Saint Francis of Assisi. A plan for the church was executed by Bishop Santos Gomez MaraƱon and built by Father Simon Aguirre in 1850. A rectory of stone was built by Father Enrique Magaz who was parish priest from 1857 to 1864. In November 25, 1876 a typhoon damaged the belfry although it was repaired later on. Towards the end of World War II, the church was damaged by American bombing runs while the belfry and the rectory were totally destroyed. A different belfry was later built by Monsignor Cesar Alcoseba in 1979 while a new rectory was built in the mid-1970s by Father Arturo Tecson."

--- from The Heritage of Cebu


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