Short Interruption

I've been looking at all these pictures of our Visita Iglesia and short out-of-town trip to Dalaguete, Cebu, but I could not yet bring myself to sort and post on Flickr and FB. I have to focus on something else first as I just got reminded of the deadline for filing income taxes. April is in a few days and the scramble to file the documents usually heightens around this time, always near the April 15 deadline... very last minute. And for sure even with ample time for preparation, people would always wish for a tax extension. Lol.

And because I am a CPA, one might think that this should be a no-brainer, but I have been inactive in the practice since I joined the corporate world right after college. My work experience span a total of 20 years until I went on sabbatical in 2010. The basics are the same but there are new tax regulations or processes I have to familiarize myself with. Thankfully, with the very dynamic pace in technology, I'm glad there are faster ways to do the paperwork now... Not entirely cutting the tedious process but I'm sure we'll soon have a more extensive online site or application similar to the ones in other countries for their federal tax forms. Meanwhile, I will go check what we have to submit for this year's deadline.


  1. It's a pain whenever I am reminded that I need to do my income tax returns before April 15 of every year. Grrrrr.


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