Shh... Final Exams Review


  1. Good luck! Final exam week na pala no. Naalala ko tuloy when I was still studying. Mula umaga hanggang gabi libro hawak ko, may excuse na di magtrabaho sa bahay. Haha.

    Mommy Maye2

  2. I actually tried to answer all the questions. Haha good luck on the final exam! :)

    1. My mom actually does this before when she's reviewing me for a final exam=)

    2. the little one is done his finals last thursday and friday..

  3. I did tried answering too hehehe.. :)

  4. finally done with grade 2. 1st week of summer break and i'm trying to think of ways to keep him from gaming with the gadgets. :)

    yes! no more early wake time for the next 2 months. lol


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