Miracle Personified

Our youngest boy is turning 9 in a few days.

Hard to imagine we would go this far that day he was born in 2004 weighing only 2 pounds. It was a case of oligohydramnios. To simplify, because of this condition, I had to deliver via Caesarean section asap. I was on my 8th month then.

I didn't mind the sudden CS delivery. My doctor knew what was best for me and the baby. However, seeing our son so thin and gaunt after he was pulled out, got us worried. He was literally skin and bones and looked very fragile.

We had two things going for us and keeping our hopes up. First, he took anything that was fed him. But because he was too tiny to latch on to me or to a preemie bottle, we had to use a syringe for his water and breastmilk. Second, he was alert. During feeding time, he would look straight to my eyes while he suckled. He would blink at the bright light or would get jolted by noise.

Other than his low birthweight, everything else was normal, lungs, kidneys, brain... Thank heavens!

Hubby and I were so happy and relieved that after 9 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, he was officially discharged. The team of doctors and nurses named him "Grower" after he gained some grams in such a short time under their care.

Now, he is taller than some of his peers, he talks a mile a minute and his energy seems endless. As a bonus, he has excellent school grades too. Is this the same 2-pound baby?

Jake, our survivor and miracle personified, is turning 9 in a few days.



Jake is ready for the swim/party

Enjoying the sand (part 2)








  1. Aww, this post is really nice. You have such a brave fighter there. Time really flies so fast and there are a lot of things to be thankful for. Happy birthday to your baby! :-)

  2. awww, you have a deficiency of amniotic fluid when you are pregnant with him...anyways, look at him, he is healthy and looks so bubbly
    happy b-day to your son

  3. I enjoyed the photos, sis! Advance HBD to your boy! He's a very lucky kid to have you!

  4. This is the nth time you're gonna read an "awww" but, well, awwww! This is so inspiring. I'm sure you did (and still doing) a great job as a mom! Happy birthday, baby boy! :-)

  5. Happy birthday to your beloved! You're both lucky to have each other. :)

  6. Awww... such a heart-warming post! God be praised for taking care of him and your family.

  7. You are so blessed! Happy 9th Birthday to Jake.

  8. He seem like a bright, loving and happy boy! Happy birthday to him. You are awesome pArents!

  9. Good thing he was normal aside from his weight and size. This only shows how time flies.

  10. Subhan'Allah! God is truly awesome. Your child is indeed a blessing to your family and a gift from God. Happy birthday to him.

  11. Happy Birthday to your boy! I also had oligohydramnios, but my baby (my first) was full term na! I can't imagine him being two pounds lang...

  12. Happy birthday to Jake! Miracles happen everyday, and we are blessed to be on the receiving side. Jake is truly a miracle baby and I am sure he manifests that every day. He's got a very nice smile that lights up :)

  13. Great story. It is so amazing to the progress from that teeny-weeny baby to now, a healthy 9-year-old. Miracle baby indeed!

  14. thanks everyone for the heartwarming wishes! :)


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