Making Time

... photos of me with our youngest son...

The school is a long drive away from home. Though we pay a carpool service monthly, hubby and I sometimes drive him straight to and from school even if it means getting caught in rush hour traffic and spending a bit more on fuel.

On the way, we listen to Harry Potter audiobooks, munch on banana-cue, drink young coconut juice, or chat about stuff, mostly nonsensical. It could seem pretty mundane to some people, but this is how we savor this time with our fast-growing boy...


  1. Hi there! Nice post. It's really very important to make time for our kids any way we can. Cherish every opportunity you can spend with them because they grow up really fast. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. AGREE!


  3. The ordinary and seemingly mundane moments in our kids' lives where we are present are the ones they will fondly look back upon.

  4. cute photo. i remember my cousin and my aunt having the same photo lie this. :) great bonding with your little boy :)

  5. mommy van, shery, cym marzan, tet:
    it's a common sentiment that mommies have. we cope by squeezing in as much memorable moments as we can into the little time we have. time is so fleeting. if we could only slow it down...


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