Last Day

Studying for tomorrow, last day of tests, and beating the heat at the same time here at SIL's resto.

School break in less than 24 hours! Woot!


  1. happy vacation to your kiddos! :)

  2. wow, congrats! enjoy the summer vacation! :-)

  3. I miss being a kid and just waiting for summer vacations! when your old na, no summer for you na!

  4. Happy vacation na! I miss school. this is one of the advantages of schooling. You have vacation.

  5. I love vacation for the kids, too! I don't need to wake up early to cook for breakfast woohoo! Now to start looking for summer classes to make them busy this summer...

  6. same with my youngest here, her last day of exam today

  7. Uu nga. Less traffic na. Looking forward to a long holy week naman. Makakapagrest at makakapagreflect na tayo.

    Mommy Maye2

  8. I'm also having my school break. Tests are over and so is tutoring for a while. Yehey.

  9. vacation has started! thanks for your comments! :)


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