He Calls It Ninja Star Origami

I downloaded a free origami app for Jake and we've been cutting and folding paper the whole afternoon... This one is his favorite ☺.

Productive afternoon = 1
Gadget/computer gaming = 0


  1. Nice way to get out his attention from online games eh? hehe. :)

  2. Oh, I love origami. Check out the yoda origami if he is fond of star wars. So cool.

    1. oh! i would google that. thank you for sharing! :D

  3. Origami is such an art! That was something I admit I regret I didnt expore in the past

  4. Very nice... It looks easy but I bet it is not so easy to make... TY! :-)

  5. So cool! I want to try that but I have a hard time starting, I'm really not good with my hands.

  6. When I was in elementary days, I am very fond of doing origami. We made 20 different origamis as one of our school projects in arts.


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