Dog Heaven Is Now Cuter With You There Bo :(


  1. Yes, I know we were never close since I was only a guest to you. In my few visits to Cebu, you welcome me though with your loudest bark, close to a shrill because of its pitch. I guess, a lot of people are grieving now for your passing away. I'm sure Papa is the saddest of all. Thank you for the short time you spent with the family. Please shrill from the dog cemetery and say hi to our Ranger, Spinks, Macho, Princess, Wendy, and of course Noodles too.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry. He's so cute pa naman!

  3. I'm so sorry to read about your sweet dog... So, so adorable. RIP Bo! :-(

  4. Awww... this is what keeps me from getting another dog, I couldn't bear the sadness when they leave you. :( Sorry to hear that sis.

  5. Hope you got my last comment. Sending prayers and love to you over the loss of your beautiful dog.
    Also, I only closed comments on the most recent two posts to stop more spam. Others are open. TY!

    1. thanks! will go back to your site. :D


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