Our Cup Runneth Over

This family can heave a sigh of relief because it is now official. The results are out. Kyle passed the DLSU, Ateneo, and UP college admission tests! Three out of three. And we are so grateful for this overwhelming blessing. Even before Kyle took the tests last year, he has already set his heart on the same school that his elder brother, Matt, is attending. Matt is taking up Computer Science at DLSU.

When we saw Kyle pass UP's Computer Science program (photo of notice posted above), I could clearly imagine him as a software developer doing app development and other awesome projects. It is a course that almost guarantees (those who are very good at it) a lot of job opportunities in the country and abroad.

However, the school mattered to him (getting at DLSU) more than his degree of choice (Architecture, which, sadly, is not offered by DLSU). That is why he will pursue an equally excellent degree in Industrial Management Engineering with a minor in Information Technology.

I am glad that Kyle seems to have it all planned out. I think getting admitted by the other two great schools (University of the Philippines and Ateneo) are generous additional blessings and when necessary, are good backup options.

Two college sons... very very soon...


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