On the Brink

I see young kids here playing and getting rowdy. It's Friday and it's dismissal time after all. :)

They look like grade 1 or grade 2 students judging from their size... Where do they get such energy??? LOL

Years ago our second son, 16yo Kyle, used to be that little too.



  1. I felt that, too, a year ago, when my then 15-year old graduated from high school! Their high school graduation was such an emotional one,too. She went to UB Science High School (we live in Baguio) and this school has traditions which included the "Red Carpet", which is the epitome of the UB Sci H.s. culture. Graduates walk with their Angel (they get an angel aka a senior who will guide them in their first year in h.s.) and a parent. You will get emotional too when your boy graduates, sis! marie of http://www.mommyunwired.com/

  2. that's true marie... he is my 2nd out of three boys... i still don't know how to deal but i try to cope with letting go. i could imagination how proud of your daughter you must have been :)


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