February Highlight

Jake and the school President

The weeklong school celebration for the Chinese New Year commenced with students of section Acquaviva doing a Chinese presentation during the grade school assembly.

Jake and his classmates danced and looked very cute in their costumes. :) The parents were impressed at the outcome of their performance after having spent a week of practice after classes. Their performance was a fitting welcome for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Here's their dance... Jake is the one wearing a red top and black pants... (Please click the arrow below to view)

The assembly was capped with the same students from Acquaviva leading the entire grade school in singing the school anthem.

Here's a video of the singing... Check out 1:35 of the video where something happened... (Please click the arrow below to view)


  1. Lovely performance and cool costume :)

  2. hi dominique!
    thank you! it's an annual thing in their school, so we need to have a chinese costume on hand for chinese new year festivities. :D


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