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Throwback Thursday

This photo was taken 9 years ago. Our eldest son is now in 3rd year college at DLSU, the second is graduating from Ateneo (Cebu) high school and that newborn in the pic is now in grade 2. He will soon celebrate his 9th birthday on March 11.

Where did the years go?


  1. What a lovely family photo....almost 9 years ago so they must be all grown up a bit now. :-)

  2. so touching... how family's love can revolve around a baby!

  3. happy moments with the baby, cherished photo

  4. was this taken by a professional photographer? 5/23 is the 143rd day of the year!

  5. Nice family photo. Time really flies so fast especially when you have kids.

    Mommy Maye

  6. aileen:
    yes, the kids are now 19, 16 and 9...

    pinay ricamora, reese, mommy maye:
    our youngest was born weighing only 2 pounds. we stormed the heavens to pray for his healthy growth. now we thank GOD he's like any 9yo boy. very active... and tall! hehe!

    i tagged and gave you credit in my ig account ha. you didn't notice? he's turning 9 on the 11th. saan ang regalo? lol


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