Piqued Curiosity

It took a while before I was able to convince hubby to join me for yoga. I actually had better success with my teenage sons who were game and who didn't have qualms about being in a predominantly female environment.

I guess hubby's curiosity got piqued when my sons started joining me. What better way to find out about it than be there himself as well. Though he was reluctant, he managed to attend a session with us during the Christmas break.

After that first time, he said he actually liked it and the overall good feeling at the end of the session. Coming from him who prefers sports and gym workouts, this was a big deal.

These days, when he's in town, he goes with me. I'm thinking there's a possibility that this is for the long haul, because he hasn't renewed his gym membership to date. So... yoga=1 gym=0.


now he likes it so much he attends one session twice! j/k


  1. and possibly further as we might have a client who is a Yoga master himself. Now you dont have to go to Yoga class but yoga anywhere. Ask him about it. I just signed the NDA. :)

  2. oh congrats on the nda! that's very timely! i will definitely check that with him. as an added bonus, he has been able to lose weight even with all the holiday binge eating.


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