Throwback 2004

2004-04 065
According to age: Matt, Kyle, Jaymes and Jake

Nostalgia mode

The photo above was taken eight years ago, a month after I gave birth to our youngest son, Jake. The boys' cousin, Jaymes, was then visiting from Australia.

We used to live in Guadalupe, in one of the first condos in Cebu. And this was in the boys' tiny room. It was so small we used 2 sofa beds for Matt and Kyle that we folded away and which doubled as couches during the day...

With Jake outgrowing his cot in our room, we eventually commissioned a carpenter to build a custom-fit trundle bed with storage to accommodate 3 young boys.

Boys' bedroom
The boys' messy room... How do you like this bed for 3 which I designed?

Eight years may seem like yesterday but so many things have happened... A lot have changed. The list is long but the one that stands out is the fact that the boys have really grown!

Here are more pics of the sleepover in 2004
2004-04 070

2004-04 063

And a couple of recent ones last Christmas with some of the cousins (photos from J. Yu)




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