Still a Long Way to Go

January just whizzed by. And in a few weeks, our second son will join the thousands of fresh high school graduates, a significant percentage of which is hoping to continue on to college while a part will enter the workforce. For this family, we consider it truly a blessing that despite these tough times, we are able to send our son off to pursue a degree. Very soon, we will have two college boys. :)

On another note... At the thought of our middle son joining the eldest at the university, I sometimes shake my head in disbelief. Grabe, (tu)matanda na talaga kami! There's no stopping us getting old. Lol. Yun lang pala ang issue? :)

The one reason that (still) makes us feel like we're young parents is having Jake, our (almost) 9 year old grader. We care for him like we did his A-hia and Di-hia. We attend to his school activities with the same gusto like it's the late 1990s, until we see the parents of Jake's classmates and reality hits. We are visibly the "seniors" among the bunch of proud and excited moms and dads. Oh well... Haha.

Seriously, with one son in college and another to follow, putting aside the near "empty nest", age and generation gap issues, we're glad Jake still has a looong way to go...


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