Pre-Sinulog Frenzy

Right before our weekend schedule got crazy due to the annual Sinulog Festival, we were school-bound early Saturday for the card distirubution. All our 3 boys were with us.

Jake's grade 2 adviser said that a number of students in his class were not able to maintain their class standing as the trend for the third quarter shows, but he was happy to announce that Jake was still in the top 10 having garnered an average that qualified him for second honor.

That was very good news considering that Jake is known to be easily distracted and sometimes careless in his school tests. For that we were kidding him that he deserved a lechon manok as a reward for his work because his favorite pork lechon is only for when he is first honor. Haha! Karinyo brutal!

For our graduating boy, Kyle, the story was different. Most of his grades went up by leaps and bounds, enough to pull his average even higher than the previous quarter and be in the top 10 again. He made it to 4th in class, however, he was not able to meet the minimum grade in one subject to qualify for the honors certificate... a first in his academic career, if I'm not mistaken.

I was ready to badger him as to why, of all subjects, his Filipino caused him not to make the cut. He got grades in the 90s range for the more challenging Physics, Advanced Algebra or Trigonometry, but Filipino... I know how Rizal's El Filibusterismo could twist one's brain into curlicue... Still... Filipino??? To humor ourselves, hubby asked where we could buy ngo-hiong for Kyle's reward.


I let it go only because he has already passed his college entrance tests for DLSU and Ateneo. Thank heavens! I saw how some months back he prepared and answered the reviewers I bought him and even dabbled in answering sample gmat questions... I thought of giving him some slack... Why not? Oh, but the karinyo brutal will continue...


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