Only Today

I mentioned in a recent post that when reading the newspaper, I'm more inclined to look at sale ads than the headlines. And so I came across Dong Juan's anniversary promo where they give 50% discount on all their burgers on January 1.

Perfect timing for the famished boys. Today is the 1st of January and they are on a hunt for a filling snack (/late lunch). Jake ordered calamares and rice while the rest of us shared the mushroom cheeseburger and the double d burger. What would have cost us about P650 at regular price became about P400. Pretty good savings there.

Here is the double d minutes before it was totally wiped out...
Taking Advantage of 50% Off on All Burgers

And the family with happy tummies...


  1. Except for your youngest son, parang magkakapatid lang kayo. Have a great New Year to you and your family!

  2. uy that's a very generous compliment! thanks bertn! :)


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