Fontana di Trevi


I remember that day... we were doing the "touristy" thing of having our pictures taken, when a man in his 50s sat next to us. We could see he was with his family. Hearing us speak in Filipino, he began talking to us. It turned out that he and his family were Filipinos based in the US and they were on vacation.

For whatever reason, meeting other Filipinos by chance in places outside the Philippines always fascinates me. It makes me feel at ease knowing that somehow there is something common there...

We were glad to bump into this man and his family. And then the part of the conversation that stuck to my memory was this:

Man: Saan kayo nagtatrabaho? Where do you work?
J/Me: Sa Philippines po ... (we were visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Switzerland at that time and this was a side trip)
Man: Ah tourists din kayo. Ang babata nyo pa. Oh you're tourists. You're both young.

Maybe he thought we were in Italy because of work... or maybe he was wondering why we were there at all. His statement could be interpreted in different ways. Who knows?

I chose to just throw a coin over my left shoulder and made a silent wish to return to this place someday. :)


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