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I'm not sure if it's just me or if there are other women out there who, sort of, enjoy going to the home depot or hardware. When I go with my husband, I find it fascinating to see a wide variety of items being sold - from outdoor gardening or deck furniture and supplies to indoor fixtures down to the nuts and bolts. (Incidentally, I've been eyeing their bamboo screen for quite some time now).

The one we go to in Cebu is huge such that one could easily get lost inside if not for the organized displays where you could easily pick up what you need. Because of it's sheer size, I usually make a mental note of where stuff are located for when we happen to need something in the future.

That is pretty much the same type of navigation we like when checking out products online. The simpler and more user-friendly the website is, the better in keeping the attention of potential clients. It pays to have an uncluttered layout where one could easily get the needed information. One example of such a website is www.radiall.com which cleverly uses icons on its main page. The company's products may be too technical for most of us to understand but they made sure to include ample description about each one. It is iPad-friendly and the use of just the right amount of color and images of families make browsing their site a pleasant experience as well.

Going back to the home depot we go to, I might just visit it again soon. Aside from wanting to buy the bamboo screen for our lanai, there's one notable thing about the store. They also sell one of the best tasting fish balls in this part of town. 😋


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