Dear Me, There Is Hope!

The househelps were given Dec 31- Jan 2 for their holiday break. We felt this was enough time for them to go back home to their hometown to welcome the new year with their loved ones. The day before they left, they did a general cleaning of the entire house. Bless them for making our lives a lot easier.

Because they would be out for a few days and we didn't want to spend the eve and New Year's day cleaning after our mess (doing the beds, cleaning the toilet, cooking meals and washing dishes, etc), we redeemed 2 rooms for 2 nights at Quest Hotel.

The days went by smoothly as planned until we got back home on January 2. The girls were not back yet as scheduled and texted they wouldn't be home until the 3rd. Oh... no...


A gamut of thoughts began running through my head... And the biggest concern was who would take over the cook's role? Jerry was out of town. With 0-skills in the kitchen, certainly not me! Embarassing as it is, I could excellently clean the toilet, do laundry, press clothes or wash dishes than cook. And Ma and Pa were no help either.

And so IT (what I thought was impossible in this lifetime) happened... I fumbled my way in the kitchen while my sons stood ready to help. Out came the canned goods. Haha! Although I abhor MSG-laden preserved breakfast items, these saved the day.

Soon we were ready to eat. I furtively glanced at each one to see if they would dare taste the food before them. My Ma chose to eat apples instead and bottled sardines with rice (hmm, o...kay... that was some encouragement :P).

I quietly sat there reminding myself not to let both girls go at the same time in the future. Maybe one of them during Christmas and the other during New Year. This way, there wouldn't be a repeat of this awkward scenario.

I was lost in my thoughts in between spoonfuls of rice and spam when 8yo son, Jake, finished his breakfast and exclaimed: "That was delicious, Ma!"



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