The Von Trapps

I remember watching with my family the Sound of Music movie in one of the old cinemas in Manila when I was a kid. Because it was a musical with catchy song numbers and it starred kids along with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, it was especially memorable. Plus, it was based on the true story of the singing Von Trapp family who lived before, during and after the war.

Years ago, our Pa and Ma had the chance to see the Von Trapp estates in Salzburg, Austria and Stowe, Vermont on separate occasions. This cemented their "fan" status. Hehe. So when they knew that the 4th generation Von Trapp kids were coming for a Christmas concert in the Philippines, they made sure to watch.

Last December 6, we were at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu to hear their melodious angelic voices sing popular Christmas songs, songs from the movie and some original pieces. With or without accompaniment, their voices blended perfectly well together it was heaven.

After the concert, we bought their Christmas and a capella cds which Ma promptly made them sign on. And because we were enamored not only with their voices (they were also attractive to look at, by the way), but their interesting life story as well, I also bought their ebook.

Now you know what I'm currently preoccupied with. :)

scene from the movie

the real Von Trapp family

the 4th generation Von Trapp kids


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