I Could Smell Christmas

I am getting excited over the end of the boys' third periodical tests and the start of their Christmas break. After all, it is less than 2 weeks away. And everywhere you go or look reminds you of the festive season - malls, schools, churches, the neighborhood... Party invitations are sent and received left and right... Gift shopping (for friends, loved ones and colleagues) seems endless... Reunions and family gatherings are set... In a couple of days, the novena dawn masses will start...

This excitement needs to be put on hold though just for a wee bit as my sons are still in the middle of their tests. We have been going over their activities and quizzes (my second grader and I) for the period. With the number of subjects multiplied by the number of seatwork and tests, the living room, dining room or bedroom is a veritable paper warzone. Out of exhaustion, sometimes tempers flare up (mostly mine!) that I entertain thoughts of third-party help... *Sigh*.

Last day is on Monday yet. A little more stretch and the celebrations can begin.


Jake with his Pa


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