David's Kitchen

Because the sons were out with their cousins for a night of karaoke-singing at BTC, Jerry and I were free to go around wherever we pleased. We decided to splurge a bit during dinner and went to check out David's Kitchen, which incidentally just opened a month ago.

There were a lot of seemingly mouth-watering items on their menu that it would take one a while to choose. We were either hungry or we found the menu encased in acrylic quite heavy to hold that we quickly zeroed in on one of their specialties, the salpicao for Jerry and salmon with arugula for me.


my salmon tasted a lot better than it looked on my photo

the homey interior

Meanwhile, here's a transcript of text messages between me and Ma (my messages in green)...


Er... ok... That's my Pa's brand of humor. Of course I wasn't talking about David's Salon but the newly opened resto, David's Kitchen, at IT Park.

Tsk, Pa and Ma just missed out on a great dinner.


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