Blessed to Have the Family and Be Able to Give and Receive

To avoid the rush, we would stock up on gifts for December in September or even as early as middle of the year. For 2012, on a trip to Hong Kong and Macau last April, we bought really cool stuff for a fraction of what these would have cost us had we bought them locally.

Then back in town during weekend jaunts to the mall, I would pick up things here and there that are on sale. When I read the newspaper, I'm more interested checking out advertisements for sale announcements than what's currently in the news (haha!). I believe I'm not the only one who does this. I guess it's wise to spread the gift-giving expenses over the course of months rather than lump it all in one.

This Christmas, the boys received cash gifts. Like in years past, they are given the option to spend part of it and save the rest of it. Although they all started investing in stocks via their insurance policies, only the eldest is keen on topping up his account with extra. The other two are probably not too aware yet of future benefits. They are not motivated by the fact that I have committed to match their savings, in effect, doubling it. Oh well... I don't expect them to be in the know of the market just yet or of Tim Syke's advice on the best penny stocks. For now, I will let them be and let them enjoy the blessings they've received.


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