From out of nowhere, I invited my 16 year old son to join me in one of my yoga sessions, just this once, for fun. I prepared myself for the expected negative reply knowing that he is the type to indulge in more active sport, you know, the rough and tumble kind, but got the surprise when he readily said yes.

While at the studio, I was worried he might flake out at the last minute especially since there were very few male participants in that time slot. He didn't and oh, what a treat that was for me. He may have the tough and cold demeanor about him, this son of mine as opposed to his elder brother's light and funny, but this gesture was really sweet. Who would have thought?

As a side note, it was his first but after a short lesson from the instructress, he was doing headstands on his own! I was impressed!

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I've read in one of the parenting articles I came across that in today's day and age, teenage boys are both fascinating and harrowing to watch. What used to be fun and games just a few years ago have been replaced with fragile self-esteem or tendency to withdraw emotionally, socially and physically.

Having sons aged 19, 16 and 8 and no daughters, hubby and I are aware of the complexity of parenting boys. Our teenage sons have common as well as different personality traits, but we consider ourselves blessed not to have to deal with extremely erratic teen behavior. Thank heavens for that. As a mother who has the penchant to nag, I do have to remind myself not to be the preaching parent to avoid driving them away. Like in my headstands, it's tough finding that balance though.


  1. When the foundation of openness is strong it will never be broken even during the fragile teenage years.

    Kyle knows that you dont invite him to places that he will have to watch himself or that he will be uncomfortable. He knows the invite was sincere and he would enjoy the results of the activity. Am sure he will be back.

  2. hi junnie! thanks for your kind words. that is a flattering observation. though we've been in this phase for years, there really is no surefire formula in parenting. with our 3 sons, your nephews, we couldn't always assume that what worked for one works for all. it's usually not the case for us. lol. we just continue to pray for the wisdom and guidance while rearing them. :)


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