Making Space

When we first moved in last year, our modest home looked like this...


This was the view from the tv room...

day mode

Last Christmas, the cabinet by the window was moved, and in its place, I put a round table for our tree.


This year, I moved several pieces of furniture around and switched sofas between the living and tv rooms. The cabinet stayed put by the window. The center table was pushed to the wall and the 4 stools that came with it were repositioned. Aside from extra seating, these were repurposed as footrest/center tables...

I'm glad I didn't have to spend on anything except for the black and white cushions to give the room a new twist.

Voila! The set-up now looks like this...

I'll add a nativity set as a reminder of the Reason for the Season. I must admit there's not much Christmas decor here because I shun plastic flowers or other dust magnets. The important thing is the mood and space are set.

(Now ready for Christmas gift shopping to put under the tree.)


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