Bespectacled From Now On

It was something the Pediatrician told us before. Being exposed to oxygen in the NICU (due to low birth weight - born at 8 months weighing only 2 pounds) might affect our 8yo boy's vision adversely... 😞.


Having imperfect eyesight that runs on both sides of the family didn't help his case. So when he had his refraction yesterday, we were not too surprised when he was diagnosed with astigmatism. He was prescribed to wear eyeglasses to manage his vision.

So today was his first day.  He was a little uneasy at the start... Soon, wearing this new accessory is something he will (have to) get used to.  Awkward just like when he was weaned from disposable diapers and introduced to briefs, but I'm sure it will grow on him.



  1. he'll get used to it, he looks pogi in his glasses, too. :) ninna has astigmatism and she's also farsighted. it didn't help that she was also so much into gadgets with very small screens, hehehe. pero ngayon hindi na sila as "conscious" about wearing glasses as nung bata tayo. before, i used to get bullied because of the glasses, ngayon parang commonplace na kasi ang kids na nakasalamin. :)

  2. hi meeya! we had no inkling he already needed glasses until hubby had his routine check. the optometrist just thought of doing a quick test on jake and found he has astigmatism. so we had him fitted. i guess jake thinks it's cool to be wearing a pair like his pa and ma and got quite excited about it. hihi.


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