Turning 16 Tomorrow

via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/QlylHeGsRO/
(Photo credit: Chloe Nunez)

Our favorite middle son (we also have our favorite eldest and youngest sons, to be fair) is turning 16 tomorrow. It seems like yesterday when I first held him and saw him flash his dimple. Gone are the days when my biggest mommy worry was about breasfeeding him long enough or where to get the best baby care products (sadly there was no online shopping yet then). And that photo of him (2nd from right) with his preschool classmates, was taken in 2000 while they were in nursery. Has it been that long ago? Time flew really. And in a few months (God-willing), he will be off to Manila for college. With 2 of my boys away, the house will never be the same again. *Sigh*.


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