A Midlife Decision

Believe it or not, it was only last April (2012) that I enrolled myself for a gym membership... at age 44! Embarassing as it may seem, I have to admit I never knew how to operate a treadmill or an elliptical until that first day.

I have always thought I didn't need to work out to stay fit. I thought I only needed to cut portions and be active instead of sedentary... But then after the "palpitation episode" in 2010, I realized I had to do something. Because I felt my work was stressing me out, I resigned and ended my 23 years (total) of employment. Of course there were other reasons too why I wanted my own time back, like being able to drive our sons to and from school and being able to supervise my preschooler (at that time) in his studies, etc. etc.

After no longer having an 8-5 work, and having too much time on my hands coupled with long periods of inactivity, I started gaining weight. Portion control alone didn't help in maintaining what was ideal for my height. Add to that the junk food I regularly craved and consumed like it was part of my meals (*facepalm*). The pounds slowly but steadily piled up I wished the scale was just out of whack.

Not counting the three times I was pregnant, I was at my heaviest at almost 150 pounds!

So what made me start (although late) going to the gym? I don't really know. Haha! Whatever it was that knocked my consciousness to start working out, I'm thankful. I think I'm addicted to endorphins now.


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