I am wary of group buying sites after hearing the news and stories from friends about non-delivery of products, vouchers not being honored by establishments or bogus travel packages. However, the moment I saw this on CashCashPinoy, I thought it was the thing I was looking for. Sucker. I wanted it enough that I took the risk of ordering it online. This wasn't the problematic group buying site anyway and I had a previous positive experience with them. S.u.c.k.e.r... Anyway, I took note of the date of delivery which was a month after date of purchase.

Days passed and I almost forgot I ordered this until I got the LBC package.

Have you ever tried handing your iPhone to a friend, customer attendant or stranger to snap a quick photo of your group only to end up with blurry pics when the assigned photog fumbles with the shutter button? Now my iPhone has the look and feel of a vintage camera with a working shutter button just like the real thing. I love it and I get amused when friends and relatives mistake it for a real camera.

Meet my iPhone, the camera wannabe.


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