Early Bird?

The title could mean either way: the tree was put up early or Ma was up early today to help me with the trimmings. LOL.

I'm a creature of habit such that I do things the same way if I could help it. This tree for instance, has been with us for about 10 years. It's small but fit our condo space, then, perfectly. A 6-ft spruce, although lovely, would have overwhelmed our diminutive living room.

We've moved since and our space now could very well fit a slightly bigger one, but I still wanted my old tree. This morning, after rearranging the furniture a bit while playing my Christmas music app on the iPad to set the mood, the old tree with an angel topper and red and gold trimmings was put up.

Creature of habit or sentimental? Maybe both... and just plain frugal. :). This year, the family members may have grown in number and in age over time, but the same familiar tree would grace our family pictures like how it has always been.


  1. It always is beautiful.

    Nostalgic to see mama decorating it. Brings me
    Back to 30 years ago or even earlier. Thanks for sharing. Iba talaga ang paskong Pinoy.

  2. Junnie, I showed Ma your comment and for some reason I think she was also brought back to 30+ years ago.

    She must have remembered the good old days too because she was teary-eyed...

    I told her she must be able to decorate your tree too, :)


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